Product Review: Lipstick Day - Beautie Brownie

I am always entering something online and I have won a few times too which makes it all exciting. So there was no hesitation for me to enter this Beautie Brownie competition when I saw it floating around one day. It's free to take a chance. I was extremely excited when I got the tweet announcing that I was one of the winners of this new lipstick line.

Beautie Brownie, as their website states is " the everyday brown skinned woman, a movement and a brand that brings attention to and celebrates women of  a darker shade. We encourage girls like us to ignore what society says about what we should and should not wear, but be bold, take risks and break barriers". That's me right there.

After winning the prize I was contacted by the founders of this line (Jarette and Gabriel) and if the interaction is anything close to what their customer service is like then be very excited. With the back and forth with choosing two colors from their line of 8, I kept wondering if I knew these people personally.

Finally my package came and I was quite surprised to get a little extra inside. I did WIN a competition and to also still more plus a hand written note?

Finally I was able to try these babies out. And I L O V E them. I am not much of a lipstick lover. I wear a nude NARS lipgloss ALL the time. Colour was not something I looked to for myself. I was extremely excited that I loved these on. The lisptick is sooo creamy. It feels like butter. My lips feel hydrated and look hydrated and it does not require a lot of application to be outstanding. These lippies retail for $13.50. They actually launched today!!!

So in order of preference is:



And my extra gift which I was so scared of (and think I still am a little)  *I do not think this is BB brand.

These brown beauties themselves can be found online at

Also follow them on Instagram: and on Twitter:

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