Chicken Stir Fry

So I wanted to make something quick today. Wasn't in the mood to be in the kitchen for long, so after some searching around I decided on doing some stir fry. I also realised that my wok was packed up high on the shelf so the new Food Network electric skillet would be christened on this Sunday.

Stir fry is one of the easiest things to make. Whatever meat you want (chicken or shrimp are my favourites), and veges that you like (Sweet peppers, carrots, onions, snap, broccoli, cauliflowers etc)

Cut up Veges:

Cut up my chicken to bite size and seasoned up with some Chief green seasoning (I used chicken breasts):

I then turned my skillet on High, added about two table spoons of olive oil and added the chicken in to cook for about 5 mins:

After that was cooked I removed the chicken, re added some oil and added in my veges to cook:

After 10 mins, and the veges starting to get a little translucent I added the chicken back to the skillet

Initially I had all intentions of being lazy and using store bought bottle of kikkoman stir fry but someone came into my kitchen and broke the bottle, and since I had already started cooking I had to QUICKLY make some home made. I took 1/2 cup of chicken stock, 3 tblsps of soy sauce, about a tblsp of cooking wince, a lil sugar. some dissolved cornstarch, a lil vinegar and mix. (You can add some ginger if you like ginger). I didn't have time to take pics with this because the skillet was sizzling.. lol

As soon as that was mixed I threw it into the skillet with everything else and let it cook for another five mins. And that was it. I put some rice on to boil and I also did some noodles.


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